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Hamurpet Lake (Akdogan Lake)

Akdoğan Gölü, Varto/Muş, Türkiye


Büyük Hamurpet: It lies to the west of the Hamurpet Mountains to the northwest of the Varto district. 2149 is at altitude and 21 meters deep. Each side of the lake is surrounded by steep rocks. Its depth is less green than the small lake. It is fed by source and snow waters. During the winter months, the water level does not change much throughout the year. Duck, goose, pike and beaver are also found in the lake with plenty of mirror fish.

The area where the lake is located has volcanic features. Overflowing water is poured into the nearby tea of Alexander. Küçük Hamurpet It has a small circular structure to the south of Büyük Hamurpet lake and at an altitude of 2173. It has a blue appearance as it is 47 meters deep. There is a flow from the bottom to the Great Hamurpet.

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  • Address: Akdoğan Gölü, Varto/Muş, Türkiye
  • State/county: Mus
  • Country: Turkey

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